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Hassan ElBanhawi

Process Engineer

A hard-working, well-trained, and highly experienced chartered process engineer, with an unlimited commitment to safety and more than eleven years of extensive and diversified experience, varying between Fertilizers, Oil Refineries, and Petrochemical Plants.

Professionally, my experience is a unique mix between, Engineering where I have successfully delivered many projects in the different engineering phases (Conceptual, FEED, …), and Operation where I have provided specialized plant technical support and troubleshooting. Currently, I am the most experienced process engineer on my team and the responsible process engineer for one of the most advanced and efficient methanol plants in the world.

Academically, I have a B.Sc. in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Engineering. This was followed by M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling of Petroleum Processes.


Academic Background

- M.Sc. in Mathematical Modeling.
- B.Sc. in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Engineering.

Safety and Safety Culture:

- Leading and facilitating many unit operations HazOp/SIL/LOPA studies.
- Supporting SIL verification study.
- Worked as both process engineer and scriber for HazOp/LOPA studies.
- Engagement with safety systems (KMI for Hazards reporting, STOP program).
- Certified PHA-HAZOP leader by TUV NORD.
- Development of a free online tool for required process isolation (HSG253).

Engineering and Management of Change (MOC):

- Devise the conceptual design of the assigned plant change request.
- Performing process calculations (heating/cooling duties, equipment efficiencies, …)
- Issue the required documents (BFDs, PFDs, P&IDs, H&MB, C&E, …).
- Fill in the PHA (Process Hazards Analysis) document for every assigned modification.
- Train Operations and Maintenance teams for the new modification.
- Lead the required safety studies.
- Performing hydraulic calculations and line sizing for process piping.
- Performing equipment sizing (Vessels, Heat Exchanges, Control valves, Relief Valves, Pumps).
- Complying with my company guidelines and best practices.
- Applying international standards (API, NFPA, …).
- Development of a free online tool for piping hydraulic calculation (API 14E, Crane TP-410).
- Development of a free online tool for liquid valve sizing (ISA-75.01).
- Development of a free online tool for gas valve sizing (ISA-75.01).
- Development of a free online tool for orifice sizing (API 14.3.2, ASME MFC-3M, ISO 5167-2).
- Development of free online tools for Gas flow, unit conversion, Flow/DP calculation.

Plant Reliability and Optimization:

- Calculate the daily plant production and plant efficiency, versus design.
- Review the newly implemented changes PCRs, and software change requests SCRs.
- Follow up on incident investigation actions.
- Troubleshoot any plant problem and provide technical expertise to Operations.
- Develop a plant monitoring program to monitor the plant performance.
- Analyze the data and Lab results to monitor and optimize plant performance.
- Analyze the historical and current equipment conditions versus the design data.
- Develop plant simulation models to assist in problem troubleshooting and plant optimization.


- Communicate with the company executive management team.
- Consult with the Corporate Technical global teams for different issues.
- Communicate with global process team for knowledge and lesson learned exchange.
- Communicate with plant licensor when required to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
- Excellent Presentation skills.

Projects Management:

- Defining business need and project scope.
- Defining resources, training, and man-hours.
- Defining deliverables and milestones.

Unit Operations Experience:

- Cryogenic technologies and Air Separation Units (ASUs).
- Natural Gas Reforming technologies using Steam Methane Reformers (SMRs).
- Natural Gas Reforming technologies using Auto Thermal Reformers (ATRs).
- Methanol Synthesis technologies using Tube Cooled Converters (TCCs)
- Natural Gas Conditioning.
- Complex steam systems operation and control.
- Distillation and Cryogenic Distillation Systems.
- Cooling Water Systems

People and Soft skills:

- Ability to show high leadership skills.
- Training and team building.
- Adaptable to changes.
- Creativity and Problem Solving.
- Team Player.
- Long-life Learner.


- Plant Turnaround (TAR)
- Automated Excursion Reporting
- Production Automation
- Pressure Relief Revalidation
- DMDS Chemical Dosing Skid
- SIL Verification
- Alarm Rationalization
- Energy Recovery Turbine
- Cooling Water System
- Plant KPIs Monitoring
- Compressors Database and Efficiency
- Plants Energy Assessment
- Operator Training Simulator
- Gas Conditioning Steam Injection
- Parallel Oxidation and Reduction
- Control In Manual

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