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Data Book on Hydrocarbons - by J. B. Maxwell


About this Book (Preface):-

The primary purpose of this book is to provide (1) basic data on hydrocarbons and petroleum fractions, (2) methods of applying these data to process engineering, including illustrative examples and some fundamental theory, and (3) applications of a few of the unit operations of chemical engineering uscd extensively in the petroleum industry.
Earlier editions of the present volume have been used in the Standard Oil Development Company and other affiliates of the Standard Oil Company (New .Jersey). Because this book has proved to be quite valuable to technical personnel, the Standard Oil Development Company has decided to make it available for practicing engineers and students of petroleum technology.
The author is very much indebted to many associates in the preparation of thi s book and, in particular, to W. H. Hatch for invaluable assistance in editing the text and preparing the charts for publication, to C. O. Rbys, Sr., for the derivation of the .Mollier diagrams and other charts, to C. J. Robrecht (or constructive criticism and advice during the preparation of the manuscript. Furthermore, any list of acknowledgments would be incomplete without mentioning R. S. Piroomov who was responsible for the early development of a company data book.Data book on hydrocarbons - by J. B. Maxwell

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