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I could have save a life that day, but I chose to look the other way. It wasn’t that I didn’t care. I had the time and I was there. But I didn’t want to seem a fool, or argue over a safety rule. I knew he’d done the job before. If I called it wrong he might get sore. The chances didn’t seem that bad. I’ve done the same he knew I had. So I shook my head and walked on by, he knew the risks as well as I. He took the chances, I closed an eye, and with that act I let him die. I could have saved a life that day, but I chose to look the other way. Now ever time I see his wife, I’ll know I could have saved his life. The guilt is something I must bear, but it isn’t something you must share. If you see a risk that others take, that puts their life or health at stake. The question asked or things you say could help them live another day. If you see a risk and walk away, then hope you never have to say. I could have saved a life that day, but I chose to look the other way.
The Process Safety Beacon is a resource aimed at delivering process safety messages to plant operators and other manufacturing personnel. The monthly one-page newsletter covers the breadth of process safety topics.
The U.S. Chemical Safety Board's (CSB) core mission activities include conducting incident investigations; formulating preventive or mitigative recommendations based on investigation findings and advocating for their implementation; issuing reports containing the findings, conclusions, and recommendations arising from incident investigations; and conducting studies on chemical hazards.
This Lessons Learned Database (LLD) was inspired by these observations. Its purpose is simply to raise awareness of major incidents in the process industries, to promote the importance of root cause analysis and to catalyse cross-sector sharing of lessons learned and good practices.
What is decision fatigue? In this video, we will be talking about a topic that many influencers, minimalists, and icons reference when discussing their daily habits. The psychological explanation behind the depletion of decision-making throughout the day is interesting and we will go through several studies about ego depletion, temptations, and choices. I will also mention some tips I have to solve this problem in our daily lives.
The Dräger X-am 2500® was especially developed for use as personal protection. The 1 to 4 gas detector reliably detects combustible gases and vapours, as well as O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S. Reliable and fully mature measuring technology, durable sensors and easy handling guarantee a high degree of safety with extremely low operating costs. This video is an animated introduction for the gas detection instrument Dräger X-am 2500. This supplement for the instructions for use and explains the main functions of the instrument. The animation is intended to support the training of users of this gas detector
The Halliburton Life Rules are a set of core factors that affect personal safety that all Halliburton employees know and live by. These are key components for identifying and managing the hazards in our business.
Shell cares about the health and safety of all employees and contractors. The Life-Saving Rules exist in order to do exactly what they say: save lives!
While the setting may be an office environment, the plot (a chain reaction) can occur anywhere.
How to drive a car safely? How to drive a car with an automatic transmission? Safety is everything when it comes to driving. For example, do you know how to drive in winter weather? If you don't feel sure about your driving skills, then watch these 15 secrets from the specialists of defensive driving. The most important rule for when you’re in a drift is not to brake. We mean than blocked wheels don’t let the driver control the car at all. There are only two ways of dealing with drifts, and they are different for each type of drive. We're sure that you know these methods, but we still have a few secrets from the specialists of defensive driving to offer you.

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